The Propless Project is a new book from the mind of Silas Linden. His previous digital releases PLUS unpublished propless ideas that you can add to your repertoire today

Table of Content:

Think: Direct and prop-less method for being able to divine ANY playing card thought of.  

Think 2.0: Another approach to reveal playing cards in propless ways.
Drawing THREE newapproaches for Propless Drawing Revelations 
PINReveal anyone PIN Number under the fairest conditions! 
Epoch Fun system to create mindreading anytime, anywhere, 100% propless. 

Propless Billet Peek: Yes, a way to know thoughts using a non-physical billet
Palmistry Mindreader: In a normal palm reading moment, you can get a thought in covert manner, and reveal it later as Mindreading!

• • •